Conference Presentations

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SNEB 2022 (Atlanta, GA): Strategies and unmet needs to reduce household food waste reported by self-identified food conservers

USSEE 2022 (Virtual): MealSim: an agent-based model for evaluating the impactsofschool meal policies and student dietary behaviors on food waste

ISBNPA 2022 (Phoenix, AZ): Making Ends Meet: College Students Facing Episodic and Persistent Food Insecurity and their use of Food Acquisition and Management Coping Strategies

Campus Food Pantry Implementation: Does Nutrient Dose Promote Nutrition Security?

Development and face validity testing of MealSim, an agent-based model simulating child eating behaviors

FNCE 2021 (Virtual): Readily available water is selected most often and suggests potential to reduce child beverage waste during lunch

SNEB 2021 (Virtual): Preliminary evaluation of a University food pantry during COVID-19 using implementation science metrics

IAFP 2020 (Virtual): Concerns drive local Illinois health inspectors interpretation of the food code as it relates to share table food recovery

FNCE 2020 (Virtual): Nudging Nutrition: Using behavioral economics to make the healthy choice the easy choice in food service operations

Qualitative evaluation of a food pantry fresh produce donation program

NACCHO 2020 (Virtual): Using key informant interviews to better understand differences in how local health departments inspect school share tables

IFT 2020 (Virtual): Literature review investigating intersections between food recovery and food safety

SNEB 2020 (Virtual): Food systems, climate change, and food waste: Knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs among middle school students

Feeding our future, not landfills: Food recovery research results and success stories from school and University food service

Student vegetable sensory perception questionnaire responses associated with school lunch vegetable consumption

ASN 2020 (Virtual): Elementary and Middle school-aged students with longer seated lunch time eat more fruits and vegetables

FNCE 2019 (Philadelphia, PA): Measuring plate waste in schools: An emerging opportunity to collaborate to improve school nutrition programs

Annual joint conference of the Association for the Study of Food and Society & Agriculture, Food & Human Values Society 2019 (Anchorage, AK): Partnerships to improve child diet quality and reduce food waste in rural schools

ISBNPA 2019 (Prague, Czechia): Healthy Planet Healthy Youth: A sustainable food systems education and promotion intervention to improve adolescent diet quality and reduce food waste

Market to MyPlate: Promoting local produce access for limited-resource families through a cooking and nutrition education intervention

SNEB 2019 (Orlando, FL): A cross-sectional study examining school meal component selection and consumption by gender

FNCE 2018 (Washington D.C.): Investigating share table policies to reduce school food waste

SNEB 2018 (Minneapolis, MN): Developing and testing a survey to determine middle school students’ knowledge and attitudes towards the food system

FNCE 2017 (Chicago, IL): Facilitators, constraints, and tradeoffs: A systems examination of pre-consumer school meal waste and food recovery

APHA 2016 (Denver, CO): Kids should play every day: Barriers and facilitators to daily recess provision in New York City Public Schools

SNEB 2016 (San Diego, CA): Teacher well-being practices are positively associated with teacher perceptions of fuel for fun tasting lessons

School wellness programs provide resources for NYC Public Schools to address components of the District Wellness Policy